who you'll stay with
My name is Concetta Tuccillo (Conci to friends) and I will be your teacher. I am 35 years old and I have been a teacher for many years. I love foreign languages; in fact I graduate in this field and, as well as Italian, I also speak French, English, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish. I adore teaching, a passion that I discovered after a course in lifelong learning. In my free time I am activist for Amnesty International involved in human rights issues. I also enjoy movies, books and comics. Method I have also studied foreign languages, French and Russian, and I understand students’ difficulties and wishes. As a student I was interested in communicating quickly and fluently; in understanding the way of life, popular culture and traditions alongside the Music, Art and Literature of the country. I remember how happy I was the first the first time I understood the whole of a film in French! How amazed I was when I visited Pushkin’s house in Russia! But when I was in France and in Russia I spent my mornings in a school, in my free time I was alone or with Italian speakers. So, I had many friends but they weren’t French friends! Having experienced that, I understand that a full immersion in a language means living in a native family, but… When I was in Russia my host family had its own life and I was just a guest. Now, that I’m a teacher, I want to offer my students what I never had. My students live with me, spend their time studying, of course, but, also very important is the fact that I give them my attention in their free time. I and my family are there to answer any questions, to explain our way of life, our history, art, society and why not our cooking or craft. My students are alone only if they want to be. Also my students and I decide how we study; I value their objectives, priorities, and wishes; I consider the student’s age, character, hobbies, interests. There are many way to learn a language. At the end my students, become my friends and a new entry in my family. Obviously in this way my courses are intensive, progress is fast and tangible and my students have a reach experience of Italian life and language.I believe that is a real full immersion.